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The very first Ugandan to run a privately owned Veterinary pharmaceutical business in Uganda. He first worked as an Entomologist in the Ministry of Agriculture and then moved to private business in 1972.

He is a qualified Biochemist trained in Aberdeen University in Scotland.

He is Ugandan. 



Many times winner in Uganda National and International examinations with a Bachelor of Commerce honors degree from Makerere University Kampala and a Masters in IT for Management with distinction from Coventry University- England. She is former Manager JHP training in charge of over 40 centers in England and Wales.

She is Ugandan


MTK Uganda Limited

MTK Uganda Limited was established in 1967 and specialises in Animal health, Human health, Public health and Crop Protection.
MTK represents many prominent Multinationals and has the capacity to represent and sustain a stable supply of all its products to its customers.

MTK has a reputation as an ideal partner for companies seeking to develop markets through long term business relationships.


Lead in the provision of Innovative Healthcare Solutions.


To avail high quality Pharmaceuticals, equipment and chemicals while at the same time offer maximum value to all stakeholders

MTK Management Team

MTK has a strong management team which has enabled us to stand in a competitive environment.

MTK Founder Directors

3 long term friends acquired it in 1990 i.e a Briton, an Irishman and a Ugandan. Martin, Tierney and Kitaka (MTK)

Business Partners

MTK has a reputation as an ideal partner for companies seeking to develop markets through long term business relationships

Recent News updates

MTK Insect Killer

MTK insect killer can knock down and kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches
and other sanitary insect pest effectively and instantly. This product is
made up of the new-generation hitech insect-killing formula.

MTK Uganda launches Almatix 12.5%

MTK Uganda has released Almatix 12.5%. A new wave in Ticks, Mites and Lice control. It kills fast, available in all sizes at MTK Building on Nasser Road-Kampala.

Ashialben 10% now on market

MTK Uganda Limited brings to you Ashialben 10% (ALBENDAZOLE 10%), a new wave in eliminating Liver Flukes, Tape Works, Round Worms from Sheep, Cattle, Goats, Buffaloes, Camels.

Get rid of weeds

Herbicide for controlling annual weeds, perennial grasses (including species cynodon, phyragmites etc), Cyperus, perennial broadleaves. Get rid of weeds by using NO-WEED. Come to MTK Building, Plot 41/43 Nasser Road.