Founder Directors

MR. F. X. Kitaka

Chairman / Chief Executive

The very first Ugandan to run a privately owned Veterinary pharmaceutical business in Uganda. He first worked as an Entomologist in the Ministry of Agriculture and then moved to private business in 1972.\r\nHe is a qualified Biochemist trained in Aberdeen University in Scotland.\r\nHe is Ugandan.

MR. R. A.Tierney


An accomplished Industrialist with global business and manufacturing experience across several continents including; Europe, Asia, S.America, N.America, Africa and the Middle East.
He is Irish

MR. E. Martin


A reputable Businessman, and former Director of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Managing Director of Wellcome East Africa, Ethiopia and Somalia.He is of British origin and resides in Kenya


Recent News updates

MTK Insect Killer

MTK insect killer can knock down and kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches
and other sanitary insect pest effectively and instantly. This product is
made up of the new-generation hitech insect-killing formula.

MTK Uganda launches Almatix 12.5%

MTK Uganda has released Almatix 12.5%. A new wave in Ticks, Mites and Lice control. It kills fast, available in all sizes at MTK Building on Nasser Road-Kampala.

Ashialben 10% now on market

MTK Uganda Limited brings to you Ashialben 10% (ALBENDAZOLE 10%), a new wave in eliminating Liver Flukes, Tape Works, Round Worms from Sheep, Cattle, Goats, Buffaloes, Camels.

Get rid of weeds

Herbicide for controlling annual weeds, perennial grasses (including species cynodon, phyragmites etc), Cyperus, perennial broadleaves. Get rid of weeds by using NO-WEED. Come to MTK Building, Plot 41/43 Nasser Road.