Avima – S.Africa

Manufacturers and Distributors of Crop Protection and Public Health Pesticides and Equipment.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Almandine –Switzerland

Research and Development Laboratories in Zug, ZG\r\n Commercial physical research\r\n Commercial Physical Research, Nsk\r\n


The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is the independent federal agency \r\nresponsible for regulating the U.S. international ocean transportation \r\nsystem for the benefit of U.S. exporters, importers, and the U.S. \r\nconsumer.

Impact Bio – India

We are a progressive \r\nVeterinary Pharmaceutical Company, dealing exclusively for large animal \r\nInjectable preparations. We are selling & marketing our wide range \r\nof Injectables / Bolus / Suspensions, in Last 5 years in Indian / \r\nInternational Market. The products are Manufactured as per GMP / ISO \r\n9001: 2000 Standards. We have product groups are like Antibiotics, Anti \r\nInflammatories, B- complex with Liver extract, Antihistaminics, \r\nSteroids, Dewormers, Fluckicides, Insecticides & Feed Suppliments.

Ashish – India

Ashish Foundation, also known as the AFDA Charitable trust, was set up \r\nin 2007 for the express purpose of reaching out to the child who is \r\ndifferently-abled, who stands in the margins, often even marginalized \r\namong the marginalized. Children with autism are further marginalized \r\nbecause they look ‘normal’ yet have various issues they struggle with.
Our Mission
"To provide wholistic education and support to children with disabilities and their families so that they can achieve their God-given potential and to create awareness in the community for constructive response and engagement.”

Indian Immunologicals

The company was setup by The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)\r\n in 1982 with the objective of making Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) \r\nvaccine available to farmers at an affordable price. The technology for \r\nFMD vaccine manufacture was obtained from M/s. Wellcome Foundation \r\nLimited, United Kingdom. The plant in Hyderabad today has a capacity to \r\nmake 250 million trivalent doses of FMD vaccine.

Rotam – China

Rotam CropSciences Ltd. is a fast-growing international organisation \r\nwith key business focus in Crop Protection Products (also known as \r\nAgroChemicals). Rotam is composed of 56 companies with worldwide \r\npresence and direct operations in over 60 countries.

Juanco - Kenya

JUANCO GROUP is one of the East Africa's foremost, diversified groups \r\nof companies with leading positions in agricultural, industrial and \r\nconsumer markets. From our inception, JUANCO GROUP has been providing \r\nsolutions to the region's farmers and traders.Today, we use an array \r\nof advanced technologies well researched and developed to improve Real\r\n Estate and financial trading, delivery of Pesticides and protecting \r\ncrop yields; enhance conservation in building and construction; Human \r\nmedicines Fashion and Design; and supply of household consumer \r\nproducts.

Sulphur Mills - India

Established in the year 1996, we, "Sulphur Mills Limited”, are a renowned firm engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Agrochemicals. We are the first company in the Asian region, 4th in the whole world, to manufacture new generation, environment friendly and safer formulations of Agrochemicals, in the Water Dispersible Granules (WDG), other specialty formulations, Micro emulsion, Suspension Concentrate and Capsulated Suspension forms.
Based in Mumbai, our organization has boundless experience of 15 years in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting Agrochemicals. Our range of Fungicides includes Topgun Df Copper Oxychloride REAP, Pearl Carbendazim REAP, Cosavet Sulphur REAP and Carma Carbendazim REAP. Along with this, our Fertilizers include Fertisfer-Wz Fertilizer REAP. In addition, we also supply Formulations, which includes Cypersul Cypermethrin REAP, Quinal Quinalphos REAP, Oleole Hexaconazole REAP, Quinwin Cypermethrin REAP, Hipower Cypermethrin REAP and Sixer Alphamethrin REAP. These are widely appreciated for their quality and features like accurate composition, longer shelf life and purity.

Ernest Hill – England

Manufacturers since 1841

Located in a modern industrial unit in Sheffield, England, Hill's commitment to quality and service is as high as ever. Equipment is now designed and created using the latest 3D mechanical design and modelling software. Production is controlled by the latest high-performance resource management software, and logistics and communications are effected using state-of-the-art electronic commerce technology. Responsive and pro-active in research and development, we are able to react quickly to market changes. We also believe that customer support is as equally important as the quality of our products. We are fiercely proud of our reputation for quality so please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel we are falling short of your complete satisfaction.

Surgipharma – Pakistan

Surgipharma is a well known name in the field of Veterinary Equipments & Accessories. A progressive growth was the hallmark of the Company. Its quality commitment is the customer's satisfaction all over Europe and USA.
We take pride in offering variety of Veterinary Instruments & Equipments to all Our Current & Prospective clients. All our products are manufactured at the highest quality level.

Kenya Veterinary Vaccine Production Institute (KEVEVAPI)


The\r\nhistory of state owned corporations can be traced to the days of colonial rule\r\nin Kenya. State corporations were established mainly in the transport,\r\ncommunications and agricultural sectors of the economy so as to enhance the\r\nexploitation of the territorial resources. With the attainment of independence,\r\nthe Government, through Sessional paper No. 10 of 1965 on "African Socialism\r\nand its Application to Planning in Kenya” announced a series of policy\r\ninitiatives that emphasized the complimentary roles of the public and private\r\nsectors in national development.

  •     Facilities to  produce wide range of vaccines
  •     Experienced human resource base
  •     Possession of vaccine master seeds
  •     Appropriate storage facilities
  •     Vaccines produced from local isolates
  •     30 years experience in vaccine production
  •     Main  producer of inactivated CCPP vaccine world wide
  •     Efficiency in  production
  •     Strong distributor network in the region
  •     Strong linkage with local, regional and international research organizations

Shanghai Gongyi –China

Established in 1972, Shanghai Gongyi Veterinary Medicines Plant is an \r\ninternal key manufacturer in veterinary industry. The total \r\nmanufacturing area is 22,032 square meters with 11,020 square meters \r\ngreenbelt. The yield of 2005 was more than USD13,000,000.
\r\nOur main veterinary product line includes injection, powder, powder for \r\ninjection, oral solution and disinfector. The total products with \r\ndifferent specifications are more than 120 items

CNCCC - China

China National Chemical Construction Corporation \r\n(CNCCC) is an export-oriented enterprise group directly under the \r\ncentral government, engaged in industry, warehousing, R&D and \r\ninvestment with trade taking the lead.
\r\n\r\nCNCCC was officially established in 1982, whose predecessor is Foreign \r\nAffairs Bureau and Complete Plant I&E company of Ministry of \r\nChemical Industry. For years CNCCC has been committed to international \r\neconomic and technical cooperation and thus got well-known in the \r\ncircles of chemical industry and trade.
\r\n\r\nCNCCC is headquartered in Beijing with 3 business divisions, 14 business\r\n departments and 8 functional departments. It has domestic subsidiaries \r\nat the main ports and distributing centers and overseas branches and \r\nrepresentative offices in the countries and regions who are the main \r\ntrading partners with China. CNCCC has its own plants producing \r\nfertilizer, fine chemicals, series automobile oil, metal magnesium, \r\netc., R&D institutions and export production bases. Investment has \r\nalso been made in the field of finance, warehousing and leasing \r\nactivities.

Ceva – France

Ceva Santé Animale was the fastest growing Top 10 veterinary health company through our first 10 years of existence* . We now rank as the ninth largest animal health group globally – and we were only founded in 1999! Our expertise centres on the two fields of pharmacology and biology, where we have dedicated teams that aim to meet the specific demands of the companion animal, poultry, ruminant and swine sectors. We continually strive to find better solutions to existing and emerging diseases which will in turn improve animal health and productivity.

Varsha – India

Varsha Group was born in the year 1995 at Bangalore, Karnataka to take-up the challenges of changing scenario of animal health segment. Varsha Group with Passion for Progress always believe that the progress can happen by providing value added innovative products at affordable prices and service to our customers.
Today, We are an ISO 9001-2000 and 22000-2005 Company and our
   manufacturing facilities possess GMP (WHO) certification

Recent News updates

MTK Insect Killer

MTK insect killer can knock down and kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches
and other sanitary insect pest effectively and instantly. This product is
made up of the new-generation hitech insect-killing formula.

MTK Uganda launches Almatix 12.5%

MTK Uganda has released Almatix 12.5%. A new wave in Ticks, Mites and Lice control. It kills fast, available in all sizes at MTK Building on Nasser Road-Kampala.

Ashialben 10% now on market

MTK Uganda Limited brings to you Ashialben 10% (ALBENDAZOLE 10%), a new wave in eliminating Liver Flukes, Tape Works, Round Worms from Sheep, Cattle, Goats, Buffaloes, Camels.

Get rid of weeds

Herbicide for controlling annual weeds, perennial grasses (including species cynodon, phyragmites etc), Cyperus, perennial broadleaves. Get rid of weeds by using NO-WEED. Come to MTK Building, Plot 41/43 Nasser Road.